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“I have been working with Fabio Gesufatto on a number of projects, including large-scale initiatives: he is a highly respected professional, he has a deep knowledge of the city and its people, he is a person who delivers and whom you can fully trust.”

  — Giuseppe Pastorelli, Consul General of Italy

“The best” are the longest two words: when one IS ‘The Best’!

  —  Jo Lee of JO LEE Magazine

“The Toronto Concert Orchestra has worked with Fabio Gesufatto since 2014 in successful concert projects. Fabio brings imagination, personality, hard work and trust in all he does. We have confidence in him and so should you.”

  — Kerry Stratton, Conductor and Music Director

"Energetic! Inspiring! Cutting edge entertainment at its best! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Fabio Gesufatto for several years and he’s one of the most dedicated community leaders in the GTA. He’s a consummate professional, excellent host and a great ambassador for the Italian Canadian community."

  — Traci Melchor, Host of the Social & Senior Correspondent Etalk

"Thank you so much, Fabio and Blu Stella Group, for having me a part of Italian Heritage Month. I was really happy to participate in it.”

  — Alessia Cara, International pop Artist-R&B and Songwriter

“I'm extremely impressed by the quality and creativity of Blu Stella Entertainment Group! I had the privilege of debuting my single featuring Shaggy in Canada, which was truly an honour for me. I look forward to collaborating with Blu Stella Group on future projects, making dreams come true!”

  — Arianna Bergamaschi, International singer/song writer/actress

“I've had the pleasure of working with Fabio during Casa Loma's Italian National Day events in Toronto. As head of event production, Fabio's line up of artists and program creation dazzled the audience from beginning to end. Fabio's contribution helped commemorate these unforgettable events for the community at large. His professionalism and attention to details are exceptional."

  — Nick Di Donato, President & CEO Liberty Entertainment Group

"The Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) is proud to partner with Fabio Gesufatto and Blu Stella Group on several wonderful large-scale annual events. Fabio and his team is always knowledgeable, professional and indefatigable when it comes to event organization and the skillful promotion of the Italian culture in Canada. We cannot thank you enough”.

  — Cristiano de Florentiis, Artistic Director & Co-Founder– ICFF

“I have attended a number of community related events that Fabio Gesufatto has organized. Fabio’s dedication, trustworthiness and commitment to the community is always above and beyond the call. I have always been extremely pleased with any dealings or involvement with Fabio in which he exhibited fairness, tact and leadership.”

  — Mario Di Tommaso, Toronto Police Staff Superintendent

"Thank you Blu Stella Group! Fabio, it was a beautiful afternoon and you completed it perfectly. You knew exactly what we needed and the band definitely delivered a stellar performance!"

  — Two Sisters Vineyards, Melissa & Angela

“Fabio's work, passion and reliability is a force to be reckoned with. He is encouraging, enthusiastic and excited for all his artists. Fabio made me feel at ease amongst the high energy and craze. Outside of Italy, Italian National Day at Casa Loma is the largest gathering celebrating Italian culture in all of its glory with 5,000 people in attendance!”

  — Danielle MacMillan, Mezzo Soprano

“I've known Fabio Gesufatto for 20 years and proud to call him a great friend. Fabio is a hardworking, driven and passionate person and is always there to lend a helping hand for his family, friends and community. He makes time to support many charities throughout the GTA. The Blu Stella Group delivers impressive and exceptional results for their clients. ‎All the best and continued success.”

  — Tony Monaco, Radio Personality Z1035

“I have had the honour of performing for Fabio Gesufatto on many occasions, the highlight being the Prime Minister State dinner. Fabio and Blu Stella Group always demonstrate a high level of professionalism and respect towards all artists"

  — Sara Papini, Soprano

"I am really excited to be working with the Blu Stella team. Fabio's experience and professionalism let me rest assured that my career is in good hands. I look forward to what the future holds for us!"

  — Marco Leonardi, Actor

“Fabio is an energetic leader with extraordinary people skills. Time and time again Fabio’s events never stop impressing me. I take pride in telling him, “You outdid yourself again”

  — John Marchione CPA,CGA, Head of Global Funding

“Blu Stella Group is a reliable and a very professional organization. I'm impressed with Fabio's demeanour and ability to execute large scale events in a calm, collected manner. He is polished and trustworthy, both of which are key to a flawless execution of events both big and small. I always look forward to working with Blu Stella Group as I know it will be a first class event!”

  — Sandra Carusi, Radio/TV Personality, Corus Entertainment Comedian/Professional Emcee and Event Producer, Cruzer Entertainment

“Blu Stella Group definitely merits compliments based on their quality and events of distinction and a special nod to Fabio who is a true leader and innovator Kudos!"

  — Diana Kristina Salvatore, Artist/Actress/Song-writer

“I love performing live and particularly back in my hometown. Being of Italian-Canadian heritage it was an honour to perform at the largest Italian National Day celebration in the world, outside of Italy, hosted at Toronto’s majestic Casa Loma. The entertainment had a rich diversity that captivated the crowd, from Opera, to classic modern pop & theatre standards to celebratory folklore to bossa nova. Being part of the such a well-rounded and incredibly gifted line up of singers, musicians and an unforgettably superb 23 piece orchestra was made possible by the heartfelt brilliant vision and unrelenting organization of the production team led by Fabio of Blu Stella Entertainment Group. The city needs more of these types of cultural & musical presentations. Everyone left with a renewed love of live music, and Canadian multicultural pride."

  — Ivana Santilli, Singer, R&B, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Fabio Gesufatto on a number of events. His commitment to understanding your needs and supporting you through the entire process is a rare attribute to find. I recommend his services with Blu Stella Group to anyone looking to bring their event to the next level. Keep up the great work."

  — Antonio Ienco, Co-Founder & Chair Vaughan Film Festival Inc.

"Blu Stella Entertainment Group consistently delivers exceptional results. Professional atmosphere, remarkable artists and preeminent production are what set Blu Stella Group aside as a premier event and entertainment enterprise."

  — Eddy Burello, CPA CA/President Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA)

“I have attended a number of concerts and events that Fabio Gesufatto has organized and he is certainly one of a kind! The caliber of event he produces is expertly planned and executed with the utmost attention to details. Blu Stella Group consistently delivers exceptional results!”

  — Frank Spadone, Comediana

"Fabio is one of a kind! When it comes to organizing an event, concert or special occasion, he goes above and beyond to attend to every little detail and make everyone happy. Every time I have been part of something Fabio has organized as a performer or attended as a guest, I have been blown away by his organization, professionalism and by the caliber of event he always commits to producing. He is a true people person and has a special way of making everyone feel like they are a VIP. It is always an honour and a pleasure to work with Fabio and Blu Stella Group to attend anything he has a hand in because everything he works on turns into something truly special.”

  — Belinda Naccarato, Pop-Opera, singer/songwriter

“Blu Stella events are expertly planned and executed with the utmost attention to detail throughout all aspects. Blu Stella Entertainment Group is looking to raise the bar and I believe they are already there. I have had the pleasure of both working with Blu Stella Entertainment Group as well as attended many of the functions, concerts that have been organized by Blu Stella.”

  — Bruno Falvo, Director, Corporate Banking Bank of Montreal

"I performed at Casa Loma 2016 Castello Italia in Toronto and was truly impressed by the caliber of Fabio's production. I look forward to working with Fabio and Blu Stella Entertainment Group in the future."

  — Aaron Caruso, New York, Tenor

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Blu Stella Group on numerous events in the past year. This group is directed by The Brain Child or Visionary if you will, Fabio Gesufatto. Fabio has a way of creating the right professional atmosphere and attracts some of the most reputable artists in the industry. I call him a Visionary because he sees our present and turns it into our Future!! Blu Stella Group is a leader in the Entertainment Industry. Fabio Gesufatto is taking Entertainment in Toronto, Canada to a whole other level that I am very Proud and Honoured to be a part of!”

  — Enrico Galante, Canadian Saxophonist

"I have gotten to know Fabio Gesufatto over the past few years, and he is certainly someone who exemplifies passion and desire to promote Italian art and heritage by bringing Italian actors, singers and film makers to mainstream events, including Italian National Day at Casa Loma or the Italian Contemporary Film Festival. Thank you Fabio for your dedication and commitment!!!"

  — Sandra Yeung Racco,Councillor, Concord/North Thornhill City of Vaughan

“As President of the National Federation of Italian Canadians, I have the privilege of being part of many events organized by community leaders for their respective communities across Canada. No matter where I find myself in this vast country the name of Fabio Gesufatto resonates beyond the borders of the community he serves. His leadership style coupled with his ability to muster at the highest levels a myriad of community resources continuously fuels the success of the events he ends up associating himself with.”

  — Luciano Bentenuto, President National Federation of Italian Canadians

"Working with Fabio is always a pleasure. His energy and passion are infectious. Having worked with many other entertainment groups, I have to say Fabio and Blu Stella Group uphold the highest standards and professionalism while incorporating innovative ideas. I look forward to collaborating together for many years to come."

  — Pasquale Caselle-Celebrity Hairstylist

"Fabio Gesufatto is truly an amazing community leader, who is part of the positive changes within our society. And with his extremely high profile list of clients he has under Blu Stella Group, the events put on through them are breathtaking. Keep up the great work Fabio"

  — Reginald A Argue, Founder/President of Veterans In Politics Canada Foundation

“I have known Fabio for a number of years and have a deep respect for his leadership as well as his ability to get the job done. He believes in community involvement and connects with everyone in a positive way. His knack for finesse and promotion of the client event experience was quite evident in the Castello Italia at Casa Loma during Italian Heritage Month.”

  — Jason Polsinelli, Senior Wealth Advisor at Scotia Wealth Management

“As Director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura I have had the opportunity of collaborating with Fabio Gesufatto on the occasion of the Italian National Day held at Casa Loma in 2015 and 2016, renamed Castello Italia for the event. His professionalism, enthusiasm, prompt availability and efficient problem-solving rendered the experience flawless and effortless. I look forward to working with him on other projects, confident that our future collaborations will be equally successful.”

  — Alessandro Ruggera, Director Istituto Italiano di Cultura

"I have been working with many major people in the entertainment  business, from Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe winners to major television network executives, from major live music buyers to  top CEOs at  Fortune 500 companies, but rarely I have experienced the true talent, brilliance, commitment and vision  as I have with Fabio Gesufatto and his incredible company. Working with him is a dream come true! He is detailed, serious, dedicated and motivated by real human emotions and always 'in tune " to do the right thing. Not only Fabio is a man  easy to work with  and with such integrity, but he is also a loving and caring human being and we at ARENA SONIC BRAND and of course my self as the CEO , are honored and pleased to work with him!”

— Romina Arena, International Major Award Winning Singing Sensation, Composer, Best Selling Author, ABC Television Recording Star & Producer

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